Roadway Projects

A significant component of the MTP is the roadway project list, which identifies priority projects through the year 2050.  Each of the jurisdictions within CRTPO’s planning area had an opportunity (Jan 25 – Feb 12, 2021) to submit roadway projects for consideration in the MTP. 240 candidate roadway projects were submitted and evaluated, resulting in an adopted MTP project list.

Following a 30-day public comment period, the CRTPO Board adopted the recommended project list on August 18. You can view the project list by clicking the button below.

The various aspects of the roadway project evaluation process are summarized below.

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Bicycle/Pedestrian Projects

Bicycle and pedestrian projects that already have funding committed are also included in the MTP.  For the 2050 MTP, 26 bicycle and pedestrian projects are proposed to be included.

The bicycle and pedestrian projects list was adopted by the CRTPO Board on August 18. The project list is available on the Get Involved page.

Transit Projects

Transit projects are another significant element of the MTP project list.  2050 MTP transit projects are under development.  More information will be provided when transit projects have been identified.

MTP Roadway Project Evaluation Process

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